Carpet Mill to Museum of Carpet

I am Curatorial Advisor for the Carpet Museum, Kidderminster. Next year their new museum, The Museum of Carpet, will open to the public. Yesterday I had a tour of the new site.
Stour Vale Mill, the former Woodward Grosvenor carpet mill, will house the new museum and archives centre. The building is stripped ready for the contractors to start their work.
A few traces of previous inhabitants remain but the new museum is evident in the spray painted labels.
The main part of the building is two stories, 19ft by 300ft. Unusual dimensions. But maybe not for a carpet mill. Carpets also being long and narrow. A second space, formed from a roofed in yard provides a large triangular gallery, which will house the working looms.
Below, the Mill from the outside, alongside a copy of the plans.
And finally, an indication where the most important part of any museum will be!
More on the hard work and success of the Carpet Museum Trust at the links below.

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2 Responses to Carpet Mill to Museum of Carpet

  1. Tavis Pitt says:

    Fantastic! I can't wait for the museum to open.Can I copy and publish some of these images for my weblog, The Wyre Forest Agenda (

  2. Hi Tavis. Please do. R

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