Goodbye to an old friend


I moved to Birmingham. I lived in the city centre, almost next door to Central Library. For a year it was my local lending library. I used it occasionally for borrowing books for several more years. In time I become aware of its huge reference collection.


The reference library served me well whilst I researched and wrote my Master’s Dissertation. A helpful librarian showed me how to use the index card system and how to get more books from the stacks. Over many months she became (in my head…) *my librarian*. Almost every reference source I needed was there.


I started work at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. The Library was a neighbour once again. We worked with Library colleagues on collections digitisation projects. Some still exist. I learnt about the Library’s amazing photography and local archive collections.

14 December 2015

Demolition of the Library began.


Every day people gather outside the Museum and take photos of the work as it progresses. My days at work are accompanied by the sounds of demolition. My office overlooks the Library. I have a privileged view.


The escalators rarely worked. The lifts often broke down too.

The cafe was…  erm… extremely municipal.

The ceilings were low and loomed menacingly.

The staff office spaces were pretty grim.

The striking Brutalist architecture had been disfigured with a tacked on shopping centre (though the Gregg’s was handy…).

The surrounding spaces such as Paradise Place were…well…post-apocalyptic. Though I kinda liked that.

The demolition is incredible to watch.

I loved this building.
Goodbye old friend.


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