I wrote to my MP to express my concerns about racism and the rise of the far-right

Some people in this country are living in fear. This is wrong. I am not sure what I can do. But. I can ask those in charge what they are doing.

I wrote to my MP to express my concerns about the impact of the EU referendum outcome. You could too.

Dear Harriet Baldwin MP,

This morning you suggested that those who were signing the petition for a second referendum should join a political party. My response was that whilst there are individual MP’s I respect, the major political parties have behaved appallingly. They have been deeply divided, resulting in poor messaging on both the Leave and Remain campaigns. Over the last few years the Conservative Party has delivered divisive messages on the NHS, social welfare and immigration.

I voted Remain because I believe the European Union is a symbol of unity.

My greatest worry is not the economic impact or the loss of freedom of movement for European citizens. It is that the Leave result has legitimised xenophobic and racist behaviour. You will have seen the stories of people being told to leave the UK on social media, face-to-face on the street, and by letters through their doors. I fear that our society will become increasingly racist and that this will lead to the growth of extreme right-wing political parties.

I would like to know what you are doing to:

  • counter racism,
  • create cohesion between different communities,
  • proactively combat the growth of the far right.

I will not join a political party until one convinces me that it is committed to delivering on the above. In the meantime I will support charities and organisations can demonstrate impact in working towards these aims.

Yours sincerely,
Rachel Cockett
[West Worcestershire]

About rachelcockett

Art heritage museums weird stuff. Fundraiser and donor. Equity. Acting to level the playing field.
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