Fashion and the challenge of choices

Visited the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Fashioned from Nature.

Jean Paul Gaultier dress

Dress by Jean Paul Gaultier

Great exhibition which considered the impact of industrialised fashion on the environment, animals and humans.

V&A Cotton label; cotton picking in Savannah, USA 1890; cotton bolls and dress.

I’m not one for digital interactives on the whole. Usually too broken, too slow, too boring. But the elegant and simple Fashion Futures 2030 struck a chord.

You have to swipe through a few questions about how you’d live your fashion life in 2030.

Mine came out Safety Race even though I thought I’d made ethical choices 🤨.

Left: my result. Right: the world I’d prefer.

It demonstrated the need for a strategic approach rather then cherry-picking the things you like the sound of. Which I think is what most of us do when it comes to sustainability.

Lesson learned. We’d better aim for Living with Less or we’re all screwed.

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