Alistair was my partner for over 24 years. He died due to lung cancer at the end of December 2018. He was 47.

Nine pictures of Alistair and Rachel

I talk about grief and how I live after Alistair’s death on Instagram.

For those who were under 50 and in a similar situation I recommend checking out the charity WAY Widowed and Young. WAY offers a unique peer-to-peer support network to a anyone whose partner died when they were young.

For those faced with bereaved friends, colleagues, or relatives this blog is helpful – Ten Practical Ways to Help Your Friend Through the Death of a Loved One by Audrey Ewell. Remember everyone is different, not everything will apply to the person or people you want to support.

And for everyone, the comedy podcasts Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd. Funny people talking about death and grief.