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Why Hieronymous Bosch isn’t weird. Thoughts on cultural context.

There has been an increase in stories in the press about the return of cultural objects to their place of origin. Such as Moai are family and return looted art to Africa. One discussion has centred on the benefits of … Continue reading

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Fashion and the challenge of choices

Visited the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Fashioned from Nature. Dress by Jean Paul Gaultier Great exhibition which considered the impact of industrialised fashion on the environment, animals and humans. V&A Cotton label; cotton picking in Savannah, USA 1890; cotton bolls … Continue reading

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The Venice Biennale, a guide and a review

How does it work?  There are two main venues. 1. The Arsenale. A massive historic building. It has lots of artist’s works grouped by theme, plus a few pavilions. A pavilion is a space that represents a country, with art from … Continue reading

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I visit the Venice Biennale. I accidently become art.

I am at the Venice Biennale 2017. A man who is art walks past slowly. He is wearing a long white and navy apron. He jingles quietly like bells. I photograph him. Oh fuck. He turns. He comes right up to me … Continue reading

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How to buy a palace. And other thoughts on being a charity trustee.

I have just stepped down after almost six years as a Trustee for Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust. I have previously been a trustee for a range of heritage sector organisations including professional development, strategic, and heritage preservation bodies. I thought I’d … Continue reading

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I wrote to my MP to express my concerns about racism and the rise of the far-right

Some people in this country are living in fear. This is wrong. I am not sure what I can do. But. I can ask those in charge what they are doing. I wrote to my MP to express my concerns … Continue reading

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They stole my flag

The 1980s. When I was young the Union Flag was a symbol of the far-right. When I saw it I felt a bit wary. Who was flying it?  And why? And were they looking at me? The 1990s. The whole Cool … Continue reading

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Oh England

You gave me my birth Then you made me pay What is it worth Cast me away You’ve really done it now Dying in my arms You stand here with nothing But you’ve still got english charm Oh England, you’re … Continue reading

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Goodbye to an old friend

1993 I moved to Birmingham. I lived in the city centre, almost next door to Central Library. For a year it was my local lending library. I used it occasionally for borrowing books for several more years. In time I … Continue reading

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Fabulous free images from British Library

British Library offers over 1 million free vintage images for download. News story here. Have a play with the British Library Flickr site here. My name in fabulous typography.

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